About us

We are cycling enthusiasts that love nothing more than getting out on our bikes for a day, a weekend or preferably longer; enjoying the fresh air, the good cycling endorphins and the ever-changing view from the saddle.

Inspiring Bike Rides is intended to be a source of ideas and information for anyone that wants to go for a good old-fashioned bike ride. It’s not about getting anywhere fast. It’s about taking your time, exploring the countryside and having fun.

Ideas and itineraries

If that sounds like your kind of cycling, you’ll find lots of ideas here – for a weekend away or a cycling holiday. We look for routes on quiet country roads and bike paths and with not too many hills. Many are on National Cycle Network (NCN) routes so they are also well-signposted.

It’s all about the joy of getting from A to B on a bike and seeing the world at a cyclist’s pace. We share details of where we stayed and where we ate (very important!) and give you the information you’ll need on mileages so you can create an itinerary of your own.

Get involved

Inspiring Bike Rides is a work in progress – we are starting small and building the site as we do more rides. We’d love to hear from you if you have a route to suggest or want to share your experiences of a ride you’ve enjoyed.